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Blue and Red Painting with Light Abstract Art

About my Photo Art

Many people want to know about my photographic art, "How do you do that?"  Well, in a way, it has taken me all my life as a photographer/artist to learn how to do "that".  The easiest way to explain how and what I do to capture the photographic art you see here goes like this.


I paint with my camera!  A painter starts with a canvas and uses brushes (and other tools) to paint the palette (oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.)  of colors onto the canvas.  In a similar way, the capture screen (like film) in my digital camera is my canvas.  The camera and lens are my brushes, if you will, and the palette is whatever I find, or finds me, that has a good choice of colors to create the art I see in my mind.  In addition to these differences, there are two other factors that are very different.  One, I can not see the capture screen (canvas) during the creation of the art.  And two, I only have less then 10 seconds (and most times less then 2 seconds) to create the image that is each work of art.  A painter may take hours, days or even weeks to complete a painting.  Keep in mind that what I am saying is not a comparison of mediums or their difficulty or creativity, it is merely a way for me to give you a look into how I create my art.

Pablo Picasso summed it up when he said, "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."


The art I am creating today is mainly about Motion, Time and Color.  The motion of the subject (even seemingly still objects) and the motion/painting of the camera/lens.  The amount of Time it takes to capture (expose) the art as it flows onto the canvas.  And the Color that is emitted or reflected by the color palette of the subject/object.


These are original photographic works of art created in the camera at the time of exposure, single exposure, with no post manipulation.  I do some post-processing to each to enhance or bring out the colors, however, not much else is done to the art after capture.  Each work of art is a full frame digital image, 2 to 3 ratio, as shot in the digital camera.


All the art you see here and more, is for sale.  Some are Limited Editions (limited to a maximum of 50 prints per image and not more then 5 artists proofs) and others are Open Editions (no limit to the number of prints per image).


Limited Edition art works start at $300 unframed.  Minimum print size is 12" x 18".  I prefer to print large, so most of my prints are 20" x 30" or 24" x 36".  I can print in most any size your wish.  The final price depends on size, medium on which they are printed and if they are framed.  I have been printing on acid-free archival photographic metallic paper and Giclee prints on Aluminum.  I can also print on watercolor paper, canvas and Giclee printing on acrylic/plexiglass.  I have recently found a supplier that can print on tiles to be used in kitchens, bathroms and other places where tile is used.


The term "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology.  Works are generated from high resolution digital images and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, metal, fine art, and photo-base paper.  The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.

Longevity  -  The photographic metallic paper is an archival media.  It's rated at 133 years for typical display.  The amount of light and heat that it receives will affect it's ultimate longevity.  Direct sunlight will affect it the most.   According to Rochester Institute of Technology, metal prints will last 1.5 times longer than archival photographic C prints (around 125 years).

Note: Most of the purely abstract works can be oriented in any direction, so if you are looking for vertical images and only see it here as horizontal, let me know and I will be glad to send you a low-res file oriented as you wish for viewing.  You can also send me a photo of the room/space where you want to hang the art and I can send back the photo of your room with the selected art on the wall. Simply include the width of the couch or main other object in the room so I can estimate the size of the art.


Some of the art you see may be made to order in black & white.  I am also interested in commission work.


I recently started designing clothing and accessories that can be purchased through Vida.  Check out my Clothes page or go to (opens in a new window).

If you have questions, comments or are interested in purchasing a work of art, please refer to the Contact page for the best way to contact me.


Thank you for visiting!  Come back often!  I am always creating new art and I change, rotate and add new art frequently...




Note: To identify the images on this page, simply click /tap the image and a small pop up will appear with the image number.

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